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We are a woman-owned consultancy serving the energy sector

cultivating a positive, empowering culture is key to our success.

We strive to be a trusted, reliable source that companies seek out to make transformational improvements to their businesses.

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Our commitment to pioneering solutions drives us to constantly challenge the status quo and explore new possibilities in the energy sector.


We champion a diverse workplace, valuing the unique perspectives and contributions of all team members, particularly supporting the advancement of women in nuclear and energy fields.


Our lean, dynamic approach allows us to swiftly adapt and respond to the complex needs of our clients and the fast-paced changes in the industry.


We derive trust from our transparency and honesty, our expertise and knowledge, our consistent delivery of results, and our commitment to confidentiality.

advisory board

We strive to be a trusted, reliable source that companies within the energy space seek out for support when looking to make transformational improvements to their businesses.
Beth is the director of client and stakeholder relations for Hatch’s power group and is a recognized relationship builder with 15 years of experience in the power and clean energy industry helping businesses and markets grow through the development and management of client, stakeholder and policy strategies that drive increased brand awareness, market access and growth. A passionate leader in the clean energy sector, Beth was recently recognized as one of the 100 women leading Canada’s energy transition. Beth is an active industry member and serves as vice chair of the Canadian Hydrogen Fuel Cell Association and is currently the co-chair of Natural Resources Canada’s Hydrogen Awareness Working Group for Canada’s Hydrogen Strategy.

Beth Buckmaster

After 23 years of service, Michael retired from Bechtel in 2019 as the Operations Manager for the Nuclear, Security and Environmental (NS&E) Global Business. Unit. Prior to this role, he served as Manager of Functions for NS&E. In this capacity, all project managers reported to Michael as well as managers of all primary functions (e.g., engineering, procurement, and construction). While in this role, Michael was responsible for providing oversight and staffing for the business unit’s commercial and government projects. In his prior corporate assignment, Michael served as the General Manager of the Environmental Business Line, overseeing a portfolio of environmental cleanup and reactor D&D projects.

Michael Graham

Carol Peterson has extensive leadership experience in the power generation industry. From 2004 until 2022, she served in executive positions at Exelon Generation Company, now Constellation Energy Corporation, the largest producer of carbon-free energy in the US. From 2015 to 2022, she served as Senior Vice President, Strategy & Planning. She led major transformations including the separation of Constellation Energy from Exelon and the integration of acquired power plants.  At Exelon, she held executive positions in project management, business development and financial operations. Prior to Exelon, Ms. Peterson held positions in engineering and operations for Duke Energy, Wisconsin Energy and Westinghouse.

Carol Peterson

Amy Roma is the Global Energy Practice Leader at Hogan Lovells, where she oversees the firm’s energy lawyers across its 46 offices in 26 countries.  Amy has served as nuclear regulatory counsel on a number of projects across the globe involving reactors, fuel cycle, fusion and radioactive materials.  Amy has participated in a number of NRC hearings and court litigations on nuclear issues.  Amy has testified before the U.S. Congress on the importance of the nuclear industry and its allies  to have a presence on the global stage on issues concerning economics, energy security geopolitical and climate change.

Amy Roma

Juliann Edwards is the Chair for U.S. Women in Nuclear and board advisor to various energy companies in North America with a concentration on nuclear. She is former Vice President Energy Origination & Development at TC Energy and a former board member at Bruce Power, the world’s largest operating nuclear facility. In her role she was responsible for project development and delivery within the Power and Energy Solutions division: She and her team deployed an annual implied capital of $3B in nuclear, solar, wind, pump storage, hydrogen and CCUS. Juliann has 15 years of nuclear and fossil industry experience in acquisition of commercial nuclear facilities, engineering, procurement, and construction of energy related projects.

Juliann Edwards

our diverse team

meet some of our experts

Brooke Morrison, PhD

Founder, CEO

  • Led numerous high-visibility large capital projects, M&A deals, and growth strategy initiatives
  • 18 years of experience advising global and commercial clients around the world
  • PhD in Environmental Engineering from Vanderbilt University

"Leveraging decades of cumulative expertise, we foresee the integration of advanced nuclear technologies, such as small modular reactors, as a linchpin for achieving a sustainable, zero-carbon energy landscape."

Patty Bubar

Executive Consultant

  • Former chief of staff to two NRC commissioners
  • 37 years in the federal government (NRC, DOE, and EPA)
  • Appointee to Maryland Public Service Commission

“The journey to a zero carbon future is paved with a blend of advanced nuclear, solar, and wind energy, and will require deep, trusting collaboration between regulators, governments, and all stakeholders”

Marilyn Kray

Executive Consultant

  • Over 40 years of commercial nuclear power experience with recent focus on advanced reactors
  • Led landmark projects ranging from new plant licensing  to power plant acquisitions
  • Former President of the American Nuclear Society

"With the US and the world poised for an energy transition to combat climate change, the Solestiss team is uniquely qualified to assist in ushering in the next generation of nuclear technology."

Michael Graham, PhD

Executive Consultant

  • Held project and executive positions at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory and Bechtel. 
  • Broad commercial and government experience in nuclear operations, engineering, procurement, construction, and project management
  • PhD in Geosciences and Applied Mathematics from Indiana University 

“We are at the beginning of an epic transformation of our energy infrastructure; we look forward to partnering with our customers to perform thoughtful and detailed analyses required to navigate and capitalize on this change.”

Beth Buckmaster

Advisory Board Member

  • Former director of client and stakeholder relations for Hatch’s power group
  • 15 years of experience in the power and clean energy industry
  • Board member for Canadian Hydrogen Association, serving as Vice-Chair

“Innovation, collaboration and bold leadership will be key to our net zero future with all clean technologies on the table. Nuclear will play its part by getting vital clean electrons to the grid in order to move our climate targets forward. There has never been a more exciting time to be a part of the industry."

Carol Peterson

Advisory Board Member

  • Former executive at Exelon Generation Company, now Constellation Energy, the largest producer of carbon-free energy in the US
  • Led major transformations, as well as executive roles in project management, business development and financial operations

"As the energy industry stands on the brink of significant change over the next decade, success in the sector hinges on an organization's adeptness at managing this inevitable shift. With our extensive experience in developing strategy in the complex industry, Solestiss is uniquely positioned to help our clients navigate this change."

Christopher Barton

Director Business Operations

  • 30 years experience in project controls, finance, contracts, and acquisitions
  • Lead and Negotiated multiple million and billion dollar proposals, programs and requests for equitable adjustments
  • Experience in both Federal and Commercial Nuclear markets

"Our seasoned professionals bring together collective and unique experiences within the energy sector that allow us to provide our clients with the necessary analytical rigor required to finance, build, and deploy multifaceted and first of a kind energy and environmental programs.”

Katherine Williams

Executive Consultant

  • Former President and CEO of Framatome North America
  • Held senior financial management positions at Framatome, DuPont, Westinghouse and Duke Energy
  • Received French Medal of Honor for service to the nuclear industry and U.S. Dept of State Meritorious Honor Award for financial management support to U.S. government agencies

“The transition to carbon-free energy critically depends on nuclear power, and success in this industry hinges on cultivating a diverse, skilled workforce.”

Steve Jones

Executive Consultant

  • 36 years in business & economic development
  • Deep experience assisting with site selection/development and designing economic incentive packages  for emerging technologies, including data center and aerospace & defense customers
  • Governor-appointed member of the Tennessee Nuclear Energy Advisory Council

"Sustainable, reliable and efficient, advanced nuclear reactors are the answer to supporting carbon-free domestic power generation in the near future. The success of nuclear development projects will require deep partnerships with state and local governments, as well as the public utilities that support them."

Kim Smiley

Executive Consultant

  • Registered professional engineer with over 18 years of experience across multiple industries
  • Served at US Navy’s nuclear headquarters, supporting aircraft carrier design, construction, maintenance and operations
  • Facilitated numerous root cause analysis investigations

“My approach to new projects stems from my foundational experience in the nuclear navy. Root cause analysis and diving into the details ensure we develop effective, actionable solutions. Without a rigorous understanding of the problem, proposed solutions are generally too generic to be truly helpful.”

Elizabeth Wonders

Executive Consultant

  • 15+ years in nuclear, with experience in design, licensing, engineering, construction, and commercial plant operations
  • Focuses on energy market transformation and advanced nuclear deployment
  • Former Senior Reactor Operator and Shift  Technical Advisor

“In a rapidly changing energy market, we need to use our collective industry expertise to develop new strategies and drive innovation to ensure long term sustainability and success of nuclear energy.”


Advisory Board Member

  • Global Energy Practice Leader at Hogan Lovells, overseeing energy lawyers across 46 offices in 26 countries
  • Nuclear regulatory counsel on projects globally involving reactors, fuel cycle, fusion and radioactive materials
  • Testified before the U.S. Congress on nuclear industry issues

“The U.S. leads the world in the development of advanced fission reactors, as well as the nascent fusion industry. If the United States leads in implementing this new technology wave, safety will improve, our geopolitical relationships will strengthen, and non-proliferation will remain strong.“


Executive Consultant

  • Served in C-Suite roles within SMR and fusion technology companies
  • Global experience in 20+ nuclear power plant and corporate acquisition opportunities, multiple nuclear new build programs and has successfully concluded $25B in nuclear focused transactions

“To tackle the growing climate challenge there has to be change, and with change comes risk, which sometimes puts our clients in uncharted territory as they lean forward.  Addressing these change-driven challenges and risks before they happen is where the global experience of the Solestiss team helps our clients succeed.”

empowering women in energy

Solestiss stands at the forefront of the energy sector not only as a provider of expert consulting services but as a beacon for women's advancement in traditionally male-dominated fields.

Solestiss takes pride in championing gender diversity within the energy industry, actively supporting and advancing women's careers in both nuclear and renewable sectors.

Our leadership and team reflect our deep commitment to fostering an inclusive environment where women in energy can thrive and lead the charge towards a greener, more equitable future.

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